We are able to make sunglass frames with prescription lenses, but please kindly note the following:

  • When you buy a pair of designer sunglasses for use with prescription lenses, we will produce tailor-made prescription lenses for you. 
  • Once the sunglass frame has arrived at our lab, our lab technicians will remove the original manufacturer's (demo lenses or non-prescription) tinted lenses from the sunglasses in order to glaze them with your tailor-made prescription lenses.
  • The price for sunglasses shown on our site is the price for the frame (non-prescription sunglasses). If you want these made with your prescription and/or select different sun lens option - those lenses will need to be selected at an added cost.
  • Please ensure that you additionally choose a tint, polarised or photochromic lens option. If you don't select those and enter your prescription only, we'll assume that you want a designer frame made with clear (without a tint, polarised or photochromic effect) prescription lenses.