If you've recently tried placing an order but did not complete your payment, you can find this order in your account under your Orders.

The status may show as 'In Progress' however this should update within 20 minutes of submitting your order. If the order has been unsuccessful and payment is still required, you will then see an orange Pay Now button - Simple click this to complete the order process.

If you are having a problem completing our checkout, please ensure you have entered all details below correctly including your house name/number and postcode/Zip code.

Failed Payments

Payments that fail generally have one or more of the following errors:

  • Incorrect billing address (Card holder registered address)
  • Incorrect Card number entered
  • Incorrect Security number entered
  • Incorrect Expiry date entered
  • Incorrect spelling of cardholder name
  • Incorrect password entered if Verified by Visa or MasterCard® SecureCode™ is presented
  • Too many failed attempts at payment in a short period of time


Sometimes a browser may not pass the cookie required to complete this payment, in which case it is best to clear your cookies, quit the browser and try again.

If you're still having an issue making payment, please call or email us for assistance quoting your order number, value and date of the payment.